Another blog?

Posted: January 27, 2010 in Uncategorized

I had left the blogging world for a time and have been considering a return for a few months.  I left for what I thought were good reasons (blog was a source of pride, avenue for unhealthy debate, and I realized I didn’t know enough to be making claims that I had made about a number of subjects).  The hesitation to return is present even as I type.  So why return?  Good question.

1.  Taylor Wehrle recently gave me a journal for my 30th birthday.  I have enjoyed putting my thoughts down on paper.  It is a healthy exercise and I want to do it more often.

2.  What I put in my journal is mine.  There isn’t really an avenue for my thinking to be refined by the insight of others.  I need refining.

3.  A blog is a good avenue through which I can point others toward helpful resources.  Or at least towards interesting resources.  What I benefit from others should as well…or at least be given the chance.

4.  I have a desire to write in the future and I need practice.

So, I am returning.  The title is unusual.  Blogournal is a simple combination of “blog” and “journal.”  A journal is “a record of current transactions” (Webster) and a blog is a “Web site that contains an online personal journal” (Webster).  Combining the two just makes sense to me. 

So…welcome to Blogournal!


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