A Conference for Your Wife

Posted: March 4, 2010 in Uncategorized

As as pastor I have enjoyed many conferences that have been geared specifically towards me and my calling.  It is always a blessing to attend a conference where men who have pastored, preached, and grown churches are willing to sit and impart to you some of what they have learned over the years.  Desiring God, T4G, The Gospel Coalition, SBC Pastors Conference, and etc have all been amazing.  I will continue to enjoy these God-given opportunities to learn from more seasoned pastor/preachers.

My wife, however, is often left “watching the baby” while I wander off to one of these events.  She never murmurs or complains.  She tells me she loves me and assures me her and the baby will be fine while I am away.  She lets me know that she knows that these times are important for pastors.  In other words, she is a champ.  A modern-day Sarah Edwards!

With all that said, I think it is wise for us pastor’s to remember our wives.  Are we making sure they are being helped by some of these same opportunities?  If ministry conferences are such a big help to us, would similar conferences, geared towards our wives, or women in general, be a huge help to them?  I think so.  And here is a great conference geared specifically towards women.  It is the True Woman Conference

My wife attended this conference last year and I actually ducked in for the opening session.  The speaker?  Not Beth Moore, Mary Kassian, Nancy-Leigh Demoss, or Joni Erickson Tada.  It was John Piper.  At the very outset Nancy-Leigh Demoss stated that they wanted to make sure and affirm, in direct opposition to the feminist movement, male headship.  How were they going to do that?  By having John Piper open their time together.  The tone for the rest of the weekend was set.

Pastor’s, husbands, and father’s, send your wives.  Let them go.  Do like my brother and I did.  Go with them, watch the babies, and enjoy the time away.  It will bless your wife.  It will bless you.  It will honor Christ. 

The True Woman Manifesto

True Woman 2010 in Indy

  1. Jamie says:

    Yes, and yes! After twelve years of ministry and in four different contexts, I am convinced pastor’s wives are grossly overlooked. As pastors, we tend to overlook their beauty and importance to our families and ministries. Our churches, in many ways, don’t see the signifigance of these godly women. And, sometimes our denomination overlooks them as well. However, let me insert that there are many places and people who are valuing the pastor’s wife and kids appropriately. Not all is bad! I serve a church that values my wife and kids. At the same time, I agree with my brother. We need to encourage our women better. We need to teach our churches about the role of the pastor’s wife. And as a denomination we need to support their service to their men and families. Godly women are extremely valuable to the Ministry of the Word.
    True Women is the real deal. It is meaty and sensitive. It is clear and compelling. It helps and supports our women in the right things. Send them men. Send them. May God grant us the Grace to Love our Wives and help them flourish as they grow in grace and purity and wisdom.

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