Dr. Kim Riddlebarger: An Introduction

Posted: March 17, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently have been introduced to the writing and lectures of Dr. Kim Riddlebarger.  He has proven extremely helpful in a number of ways, especially in way of eschatological understanding.  His book, The Case for Amillennialism, has helped me understand that particular position more clearly.  It also pushed me a little closer to an amillennial position.  I have one other book that I would like to read that he has written,  “The Man of Sin:  Uncovering the Truth About the Anti-Christ.” 

Other than his two books, linked to his website are a great number of lectures on interpreting biblical prophecy and understanding the end times.  They prove helpful and thought provoking.  Any student of the Bible should desire to understand the “whole counsel of God,” which includes prophecy and eschatology.  Dr. Riddlebarger helps in this regard.

Since Dr. Riddlebarger has been a benefit to me, I have decided to introduce others to him as well.

You can click on his name in the first paragraph to be directed to his “About” page at his blog, The Riddleblog.

Here is a sample of his latest post…

“While many people’s eyes wax over with disinterest when the subject of church government comes up, how churches are to organize and govern themselves is a major theme throughout the New Testament. Church government is an important topic in virtually all the Protestant confessions and in most of our major systems of theology. Whether the subject piques our interest, the biblical writers thought it very important and devoted much time and attention to direct those who would come after them as to how to organize and govern their congregations. Remember that all those who trust in Jesus Christ are part of His body and are to be members of a local church. Christ’s church must ensure that the souls of God’s people are cared for, that they are protected from heresy as well as from those who confess their faith in Christ but who still behave like pagans.”


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