Quick Thoughts on Moving

Posted: March 19, 2010 in Uncategorized

Being from southeastern Kentucky I really didn’t expect to find the city of Chicago all that enjoyable.  Moving here was possibly the farthest thing from my mind a year ago.  When Gina and I decided it was time to leave Lexington, KY, Ignite, and our friends, going to the third largest metropolitan area in North America wasn’t on the radar.  But we did it. We moved to the city.  And I am thankful for the time God allowed us to be here.

Chicago is a blast!  We have thoroughly enjoyed the city and all that it has offered.  There is so much to do.  We have enjoyed Bears games, a multitude of museum excursions, the zoo, and the city itself.  The people here have been a blessing and have genuinely cared for us.  It is amazing that after only a year we have become so close to so many.  God has been good.

All that makes the move bitter-sweet.  We are sad to be leaving a great place to live, a great people to invest in, and a great opportunity for continued ministry.  I have no doubt that if God had left us here we could have seen great victories for the gospel and God’s kingdom.  Brainard Avenue Baptist Church would be a great place to serve and I would have been content for God to leave us here.

At the same time, I am confident that moving to Jeffersonville is the best of all possible decisions.  Being where God wants you to be puts you in the best possible place for the greatest amount of kingdom impact.  We are excited to be entering into a time of ministry alongside of Nathan, Lauren, and Lucianne Millican.  We love them dearly and are humbled to be able to serve with them.  Oak Park Baptist Church has already opened their arms to us and made us feel welcome.  The area itself opens up possibilities for seminary and future pursuit of higher education.  Not to mention our families are thrilled to have Calvin closer to Kentucky!  All that to simply say, we are pumped.

I see moving like this.  God is the master chess player.  He knows all the moves His opponent will make and He has already determined His moves.  We, the people of God, are His chess pieces.  My family and I are the pawns and God moves us as He pleases.  Just as the chess piece moves without grumbling, so we shall pick up and go without grumbling.  All the while knowing that the one who moves us knows exactly what He is doing.  We cannot and will not doubt His providence.

Sunday we drive.  Sunday night we arrive.  Monday morning, we set up camp in the place God wants us.  We stay until He moves us.

  1. Jamie says:

    Welcome to Indiana little bro…. Running with the big dogs now…

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