Transforming Children into Spiritual Champions by George Barna

Posted: April 6, 2010 in Uncategorized

Pastor Nathan handed me a couple of copies taken out of this book that I have read through over the last couple of days.  I was skeptical at first, as I am with anything Barna does.  But these two chapters were helpful.  The plague of complacency that resides within our churches and homes concerning the spiritual development of our children is appalling. 

Yesterday I had my first meeting with the Youth Ministry Team here at Oak Park.  I started my time by reading Psalm 78 to the team.  It is helpful here.  The Psalmist has “heard” about the “glorious deeds of the Lord.”  Who from?  “Our fathers have told us.”  What will the Psalmist do with the information that the previous generation has passed on?  He will not “hide them” (that is the glorious deeds of the Lord) but instead will “tell to the coming generation” all the Lord has done. 

That Psalm speaks directly to the issue of what Barna is getting at.  We must pass on the faith.  We cannot be silent about the “wonders that He has done.”  As we walk, talk, fish, hunt, play golf, practice baseball, sit at home, eat dinner, attend a UK/UL game, or go on vacation, we tell our children of the “glorious deeds of the Lord.”  We pass on the faith.  It takes only one generation failing to tell the next generation to lose many generations to come.

How are we doing at passing on the faith?  Is your church evaluating its effectiveness?  Why or why not?  Are we satisfied with our children attending and behaving?  Are we aware of how they are growing, or not growing, spiritually?  Do we care about their spiritual growth as much as we care about how they are doing in Algebra? 

Crucial questions.  Questions worth asking but rarely are.


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