The Interesting People You Meet

Posted: April 8, 2010 in Uncategorized

The internet was down at the office when I came in this morning.  That makes it hard for me to work in this technologically advanced age we live in.  I need to check email, send email, and check Twitter (although my number of tweets has radically decreased over the last couple of weeks).  So after reading a bit of “Trellis and the Vine,” writing in my journal about the changing seasons and view from my office (a post I will work on in the coming days), I felt the need to leave the office and find some WiFi.

I found that wireless internet connection at MacDonald’s.  The cafe style of this particular location has made for a great place to study.  Complete with comfortable chairs and a fireplace!  When I came in, computer bag and Bible in hand, I grabbed a table next to two elderly gentlemen.  “That is pretty,” said one as I laid my brown Trutone ESV on the table.  I responded with an Amen. 

As I sat next to these two gentlemen we started discussing who I was and where I worked.  That led me to finding out they were members of the Branham Tabernacle.  One of the gentlemen gave me some literature and pointed me to a website.  I checked it out.  So can you….HERE.

An interesting meeting to be sure.  A reminder that doctrine is important.


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