What I am Learning from Judges

Posted: April 12, 2010 in Uncategorized

I recently finished reading through the book of Luke and have now turned my attention to the book of Judges.  It has been a fun read thus far and extremely encouraging.  Let me share a few quick thoughts.

1.  There is a common pattern in the book.

  • Israel rebels and dishonors God
  •  they are subjected to other nations in judgement
  •  they cry out for God’s help
  •  He answers by sending a deliverer.

The ESV Study Bible says it like this:  Apostasy–Servitude–Supplication–Salvation

2.  There are 12 Judges total listed in the book…I don’t know why that matters (12 tribes of Israel, 12 disciples, etc) but thought it was an interesting note.

3.  When God delivers His people there is usually a time of rest that is mentioned.  This, as Dale Ralph Davis says, is a peace in the “land.”  So let us not spiritualize this too quickly and go straight to heaven.  Instead, let us remember that we are to live on this earth in a peaceful and quiet way (1 Tim 2:2).  At the same time, we note that the rest God brings through the Judges is a rest, or peace, that does not last.  The land will be thrown into disorder and chaos yet again and again.  We live in a world that is not at peace.  But we also know that peace has been secured.  Those who are in Christ are at peace with God.  Those who are in Christ will enjoy peace in the land that never ends.  We look forward to that glorious day…come Lord Jesus!

4.  This would be a great book in which to do a series of character studies.  Gideon, Samson, Deborah and Barak are a few good examples.

Those are some quick thoughts.


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