A Biblical Understanding of Evangelism

Posted: July 6, 2010 in Uncategorized


Question:  What is the best news someone has ever told you? 

Question:  What is something that has happened to you that you were excited to tell others? 


Different people handle different events in their lives in different ways.  Take having a baby for instance.  I know some couples who want privacy at the hospital during this exciting, yet unnerving, time.  There are others who want a few close relatives there to celebrate with them.  And then there is my wife and me.  When we had our son nearly 18 months ago we had over twenty people sitting in the waiting room!  When our son Calvin was born I was anxious to get him out of the delivery room and into the open where I could show him off.  I wanted to introduce him to everyone I knew! 

With all the complex issues surrounding the Bible and the church today, it is unfortunate that evangelism seems confusing and difficult.  It really doesn’t need to be.  Over the past several weeks we have talked about the content of the gospel and our need to be changed by it (conversion).  What logically follows is that this message of the gospel and the need for people to repent and believe must be shared (Romans 10:14).  We have a Savior whose name is Jesus and we must set out to introduce everyone we know to Him (Matthew 28, Acts 1:8).  That is evangelism. 

With that it mind, how do we do it?  First, truthfully explain to people that if they repent and believe they will be saved.  Second, we tell them with urgency.  We are not assured another second on this earth.  They must turn from sin and turn to Christ now (Hebrews 4:7)!  Thirdly, we do so with joy.  Following Christ is hard and costly.  But it is worth it as hell is the alternative.  Fourthly, we use the Bible.  We a re not presenting our opinions but the truths of God.  Fifthly, and finally, we do so as we live lives that are consistent with the gospel we claim to believe. 

 Question:  According to Romans 1:16, what is the “power of God to salvation”?  Then what should be our tactic in seeking to win people to Jesus? 


Question:  Is the responsibility to evangelize only the pastor(s) of your church or all Christians?  (Matthew 28:18-20, Acts 1:8, 2 Corinthians 5:20, 1 Corinthians 4:16; 11:1) 

Question:  Do you think evangelism happens best in the context of relationships that are strong enough to bear the burden of truth or when talking to a stranger?


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