Thinking About Books at the Moment

Posted: July 15, 2010 in Uncategorized

Here are some of my favorite books by topic:


Momentary Marriage–John Piper.  Sacred Marriage–Gary Thomas


Systematic Theology–Wayne Grudem.  Big Truths for Young Hearts–Bruce Ware

Biblical Theology

The Goldsworthy Trilogy–Graeme Goldsworthy.  Gods Big Picture–Vaughn Roberts


Supremacy of God in Preaching–John Piper.  Preaching the Whole Bible as Christian Scripture–Graeme Goldsworthy.  Spirit-led Preaching–Greg Heisler


Let the Nations Be Glad–John Piper.  The Art of Personal Evangelism–Will McRaney.  The Master Plan of Evangelism–Robert Coleman

Emergent Church Issue

Becoming Conversant with the Emergent Church–D.A Carson.  Why We Are Not Emergent–Ted Kluck and Kevin DeYoung.

Family Ministry

Perspectives on Family Ministry–Timothy Paul Jones.  ReThink–Steve Wright.  Think Orange–Reggie Joiner.


Shepherding/Instructing a Child’s Heart–Tedd Tripp.  ApParent Privilege–Steve Wright.  Family Driven Faith–Voddie Baucham.


From Good to Great–Jim Collins.  Leading from the Second Chair–Mike Bonem.  The Book on Leadership–John MacArthur.

Church History

The Unquenchable Flame–Michael Reeves.  Church History Made Easy–Timothy Paul Jones.  Christianity through the Centuries–Earl Cairns.  How Christianity Changed the World–Alvin Schmidt

Historical Theology

Our Legacy–John D. Hannah

Reformed Theology

What is Reformed Theology–R.C Sproul.  The Potters Freedom–James White.  The Doctrines of Grace–James Boice and Phil Ryken.

Dispensationalism/Covenant Theology

Dispensationalism–Charles Ryrie.  Understanding Dispensationalism–Vern Poythress.  God of Promise–Michael Horton.


A Case for Amillennialism–Kim Riddlebarger.  Millennial Maze–Stanely Grenz. 

Old Books

The Institutes–John Calvin.  Bondage of the Will–Martin Luther.  The Reformed Pastor–Richard Baxter.  The Godly Home–Richard Baxter.  The Mortification of Sin–John Owen.  The Confessions–St. Augustine.  Grace Abounding to the Chief of Sinners–John Bunyan


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