Revival in Our Land–Are We Missing It? (Part II)

Posted: September 16, 2010 in Uncategorized

My former post raised questions about the nature of revival.  I asked what revival would look like in our generation.  I then listed some things that I believe were indicative of God moving.  And I ended by saying that those things that I suggested were indicative of God moving are in fact happening now! 

Let me take them one by one:

Reformed Theology—have we not seen a renewed emphasis on the sovereignty of God within evangelicalism in recent years?  If you haven’t, wake up! 

Colin Hansen captured it well in his “Young, Restless, and Reformed.”  We can debate whether or not the young Calvinist movement is personality driven or theologically driven, but the movement is present.  The influence of Desiring God and John Piper cannot be ignored.  John MacArthur, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, Al Mohler and in some sense the ESV Study Bible, are all indicators that there is a growing population among evangelicals that believe in the absolutely sovereignty of God. 

I believe this to be an indicator that God is moving among His people. 

The Gospel—a walk into a book store, enough time perusing Twitter or checking blogs will quickly inform someone that the gospel is being discussed at length. 

Greg Gilbert has written “What is the Gospel,” and it is selling well.  John Piper wrote “God is the Gospel” and it continues to influence many.  Mark Dever has written “9 Marks of a Healthy Church” with one mark being a biblical understanding of the gospel.  Recently, on Twitter, a question was posed concerning what it meant to be “gospel-centered” (you were asked to reply in 140 characters or less). 

As God moves, He brings clarity to the gospel of Jesus Christ as it alone is the hope of those who are lost. 

Family-ministry—Southern Seminary just held its first Connecting Church and Home conference.  Family ministry models are being discussed at length in both academic and church ministry circles. 

For years moms and dads have pawned the responsibility of discipling their kids off to the youth pastor.  Families have moved away from worshipping together at most any level.  And the reason, “We are just too busy.”  Today we are discussing how to engage the family in fresh ways.  Whether it is a Family-Integrated Model, a Family-Based Model, or a Family-Equipping Model, engaging families is at the forefront of practical ministry movements. 

Richard Baxter, writing in the 17th century, has said that the quickest way to revival in the land is to see revival in the families.  Are we seeing the first waves of that among our churches today?  I believe so. 

Adoption—true and undefiled religion is to care for the least of these (James 1:27).  Everywhere you turn there are articles, conferences and books that are being written on this subject.  

Russell Moore, dean of the School of Theology at Southern Seminary has the led the way in this area.  Tony Merida is writing, or has written, a book on adoption.  Both Dr. Moore and Dr. Merida have not only written on the issue but they have adopted! 

The Southern Baptist Convention has recently started an adoption fund to see more and more families be able to reach out to the fatherless.  God is moving His people back to pure and undefiled religion in this land. 

Church Planting/Urban Ministry—God has chosen the church, the gathering of His elect, to be the means through which the gospel goes forth.  It is the church that has the task of taking the gospel to the nations.  As God moves, more and more of these militant communities will spring up. 

And as the church seeks to take the gospel to the people it should find itself moving into the areas where more and more people reside.  According to a U.N report released in 2007, over half the world’s population now lives in cities.  

Where the people are the gospel must go.  

Great Commission Resurgence—this may be somewhat redundant but it is worth mentioning.  When revivals have swept through a land it has done so as God has moved His people to embrace once again their task to proclaim the good news of Jesus Christ.  Today, I believe, we are seeing a fresh embrace around our task of evangelism. 

The Southern Baptist Convention has passed the GCR.  Hashtags (#) abound with GCR attached (#GCR) on Twitter.  Taking the gospel seems to be a priority once again.  

When God moves, would we expect anything less? 

Is God moving?  Absolutely.  His kingdom has already broken into this dark world.  Satan, as Christ proclaimed in Matthew 12, has been bound.  The plunder has begun.  The gospel is going forth and cannot be stopped.  All of God’s people will hear and they will repent and place their faith in Christ.  God is moving.  And least we misunderstand, He never stopped. 

But the American church has for some time been content to sit on the sidelines as the mission marched on.  It seems that once again we are getting on board with what God is, and has been doing. 

I pray that we continue to join God in His work.  

Till Christ returns…


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