Upcoming Posts and the Issue of Evil

Posted: November 22, 2010 in Uncategorized

I have not been able to post as much as I had hoped.  The semester has been extremely busy thus far.  However, I am working on posting some final thoughts on the logical problem of evil in the near future. 

For now, I want to simply point out some books that I have found helpful when discussing the issue of evil and suffering.

1.  How Long O’ Lord–D.A Carson:  extremely helpful when it comes to the issue of human freedom and divine sovereignty, and is refreshingly pastoral.

2.  If God is Good–Randy Alcorn:  an easy (not short, 500 pages) read that introduces the reader to the issues as well as gives a good overview of various positions.

3.  Suffering and the Sovereignty of God–John Piper and Justin Taylor:  read the chapter by Mark Talbot. 

4.  The Many Faces of Evil–John Feinberg–not an easy read and more geared to those familiar with philosophical and logical vocabulary.  A massive work that treats a multitude of views.

5.  The Doctrine of God–John Frame–a massive volume devoted to, obviously, the doctrine of God.  There are two chapters that treat (1) the relationship between human freedom and divine sovereignty (explaining and defending the position of compatabilism, which is where I stand) and (2) a chapter devoted to the problem of evil.  Extremely helpful chapters.

These books are a sampling of what I have read over the course of this semester.  Reading outside the stream of your own theological persuasion is also a good idea.  Greg Boyd, an open theist, writes well and will open your eyes to the open view of God (which I believe is absolutely wrong, unhelpful, and hurtful).

As this issue is the biggest theological/logical problem facing Christian theism, I suggest a good bit of intellectual effort is spent thinking through the issues at hand.


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