God Does More Than We See

Posted: January 26, 2011 in Uncategorized

How often we forget that God is constantly at work around us.  This morning, as I drove over the bridge from Indiana to Kentucky, on my way to a rousing morning of Greek II, I turned my thoughts towards the God who sustains every molecule in the steel that holds the bridge together.  Only because He did not stop sustaining those molecules did I make it into Kentucky (and on time for class). 

I wonder how often we stop to consider how much God is presently doing?  Are we practical deists?  Do we acknowledge the reality of God but think of Him as a Creator who created and then left the world to “run its course”?  Are we aware of the transcendence of God but ignorant of His immanence?  We may not say yes to that question, but how often do you think about how God is involved at this present moment in the circumstances that  surround you?

My thoughts, as of late,  have been with the two thieves that were crucified with Jesus.  Two condemned men, hanging next to the Creator and Sustainer of all that is, with two very different responses.  One mocked Him while the other honored Him.  The mocking criminal failed to see all that was going on.  God, indeed Christ, was doing more than he (and the rest of the onlookers) could see.  When the cry came from the criminal, “Save yourself, and us!”, the irony could not be more clear and more penetrating.  The criminal wanted Jesus to save him by getting off the cross and then helping them to get down.  “Are you not the Christ” (Luke 23:39)?  If you are, if you are the Messiah, the Son of God, then command these nails to melt away!  Lower us down from these wretched pieces of wood and save our lives! 

Ah, but more was happening than met the natural eye.  This is what so many missed!  The criminal thought Jesus could save him by getting off the cross.  And, on some level, this could have been true.  Jesus could have spared the mans physical life, but only to see that life eventually fade away like the grass of the field.  Instead, Jesus does more.  And He  does it, not by getting down, but by staying on the cross!  You see, if Jesus gets down then sin is not been paid for.  The wrath of God has not been propitiated.  We are still under the curse.  It was by staying on the cross that Jesus actually opens the way for our lives to be truly saved.  Not temporally, which is what the mocking criminal had in mind, but eternally. 

Hanging on that cross it looked like the Savior was being defeated.  But God was doing more than man could see.  He was putting His Son in the place of sinners.  He was pouring out His wrath upon the shoulders of Christ.  And now, if we believe in Jesus, we find that our sins are washed away.

In every circumstance that surrounds you, no matter how seemingly trivial, don’t miss the God who is there and is involved.  Whether good or bad, He “works all things for the good of those who love Him” (Romans 8:28).  He does more than we see.

  1. Kenneth says:

    GREAT post Jonathon! Very well written, thought out, and encouraging.
    Thanks for putting that up. Keep running hard!

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