Marriage Amendment, Faith of/in Christ, Gambling, and Ergun Caner

Posted: May 24, 2011 in Uncategorized

Here are a few links to some helpful reading for today.

John Piper, as usual, helps us think biblically about the things going on in our culture.  Here he offers thoughts on the Minnesota Marriage Amendment.

Trevin Wax has helpful insight into the theological and interpretative debate surrounding pistis christou.  With christou being a genitive it would seem that the translation would be “faith (pistis) of Christ”.  However, there is debate that in this instance the genitive is taken as “faith IN Christ.”  Here are Trevin’s thoughts.

Phil Johnson, from Grace to You (ministry of John MacArthur and the saints at Grace Church) has some interesting insight into whether it is a sin to gamble or not.  Again, I love articles that address culturally relevant issues from a thoroughly biblical perspective.  Read his thoughts here.

I am surprised at how little attention has been given to Ergun Caner leaving Liberty and moving to Arlington Baptist College.  Since the investigation of Caner for his supposed embellishments concerning his Muslim background, he has been removed as Dean of the School and now is, it seems, no longer employed by Liberty at all.  I could be wrong, but that seems to be the case as he moves to Texas to work at an institution that was started by J. Frank Norris in 1939.  Read a report (and this is one of the only reports) about the move here.


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