Are Multi-Site Churches Biblical?–Current Debates w/in Evangelicalism

Posted: May 31, 2011 in Uncategorized

The debate between whether or not a church should (biblically speaking) have multi-sites or not has been going on for some time.  I am not sure exactly where I stand at the present time.  However, I find that the multi-site camp tends to argue for the validity of their position from pragmatic grounds rather than theological ones (I am grateful for Dr. Gregg Allison for adding some theological weight to this camp).  The other side (really, mostly just the 9Marks guys), seem to root their positions in their theological understanding of ecclesiology (whether those understandings are right or wrong is the debate).   

I think it is an important topic to discuss.  It is not a first-tier issue.  It is not a gospel essential.  However, it is important.  We seek to structure our churches in a way that would be pleasing to King Jesus.  Church government and structure should be driven by biblical and theological reflection.  So, I am thankful for those who continue to challenge our presuppositions.

Here are some links to the debate:

Panel Discussion at Southern Seminary

9Marks EJournal On Multi-Site Churches

Dr. Gregg Allison on Multi-Site Churches

Jonathan Leeman Responds to Gregg Allison

Ed Stetzer Weighs In HERE and HERE

I am not at a point to offer a position.  I am few seasons of serious study on the issue away from coming to a position that I could call a “conviction.”  Till then, I will read, listen, and continue to study as time permits.


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