Take a Look–NIV 2011, Joshua Project, Dr. Nathan Finn, and Women Teaching

Posted: July 1, 2011 in Uncategorized

There are a number of conversations trending right now in the evangelical world.  The following links (with short descriptions) will lead you to blogs, articles, etc. that hopefully stimulate your mind in a healthy way. 

So, take a look:

1.  Denny Burk Responds to Darrell Bock–the response of Dr. Burk is aimed at some of the responses that Dr. Bock has towards the Council on Biblical Manhood and Womanhood as they have engaged in criticism of the NIV 2011.  I find Dr. Burk has done a great job responding to the problems with the new version of the NIV (which will replace the 1984 version).  His criticism has been aimed at the actual translation and not the personalities on the NIV translation committee.

2.  Paige Patterson and Albert Mohler Endorse SBC Critical Resolution of NIV 2011–this year at the Annual Meeting of Southern Baptist’s in Phoenix, AZ, the SBC voted to approve a resolution that expressed concerns over the gender-neutral language being used in the NIV 2011.  Dr. Patterson, president of SWBTS, and Dr. Mohler, president of SBTS, have both applauded Southern Baptist for their insistence that language matters in the area of faithful Bible translation.

3.  The Joshua Project–this website is one that will open your eyes to the lostness around the world.  There are billions, yes, billions of people who do not have a saving relationship with Jesus Christ.  The task of reaching the world with the message of Jesus falls to the Church (Matthew 28:19-20; Acts 1:8).  Many years after Christ has given us the command to “Go”, the job is not yet complete.  I have set this site as my homepage in an effort to keep the need for world evangelization at the front of my mind.

4.  Dr. Nathan Finn on Watching Muslims Embrace Jesus–asking people to believe in Jesus here in America is radically different from asking people to believe in Jesus in other parts of the world.  Asking a Muslim to walk away from Islam and walk the path of Christianity can cost them their life.  When we remember that the cost of following Jesus is high, much higher for some than others, it should break our hearts.  When anyone, especially someone who must sacrifice so much, surrenders to the lordship of Jesus, it should cause us to rejoice.  Dr. Finn writes of what he has recently had the opportunity to witness while on mission.

5.  Women Teaching in the Church–it seems that this issue is once again becoming prominent in many circles.  Denominations are ordaining women and, even in circles where that is not yet the case, many churches have no problem allowing women to teach men.  This is a tricky subject.  There are well-organized and formulated arguments on both sides.  I am decidedly complementarian.  The book that this link takes you to is a huge reason why.  Read…think!



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