A New Favorite Book?–John Piper Does It Again!!!

Posted: July 12, 2011 in Uncategorized

While here in Guatemala I wanted to bring a book that I could read through slowly and would tie me to a text (and in this case a book) of the Bible.  I have been wanting to read John Piper’s new book “A Sweet & Bitter Providence” for some time now.  Due to its length and the fact that it is an exposition of the book of Ruth, I was convinced this was the book to bring along.  We have just finished day two of work and I have just finished the book.  Now, over the next two days, I want to go back through it and take notes on the chapters and the subjects. 

The shortness of the book not withstanding, I think this may be my favorite Piper book…and possibly my favorite book overall.  I know, that’s a big statement.  But, I was absolutely captivated by each page and was blown away by the depth of insight.  So, pick it up and give it a read…or three!  I believe it would be well worth your time!

A Sweet & Bitter Providence 


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