Acts 1:12-26—A Short Commentary—Part 4

Posted: August 18, 2011 in Uncategorized

Application.  There are several important points of application that we can take away from this portion of Acts.  These points can help spur us along to gospel faithfulness and challenge us to live for the glory of Christ.

First, we notice that the believers gathered together and devoted themselves to “prayer” (1:14).  This is a common theme throughout the book of Acts.  We see the church again in Acts 2 displaying that same commitment to prayer.  The church of the Lord Jesus Christ must be a praying church.  We must express our dependence upon God for all things.  If the early church and the church of the 21st century were and are to be effective then they must humble themselves and depend upon God to work through them.

Secondly, we see the importance of looking to God’s Word to guide us.  As the believers met in Jerusalem they did not abandon the Word of God.  They did not rely on their feelings, emotions, or dreams.  The subjectivity of those things were not a rock to stand on.  Instead, Peter stands and begins to preach the Word.  He goes to the Psalms and applies 69:25 and 109:8 to the current situation.  We must imitate the early church at this point.  We are always looking to God to guide us through His Word.

Thirdly, we see that the early church followed the command of their Lord and went to Jerusalem to wait.  However, their waiting was not marked by inactivity.  They spent time in prayer, Bible study, and even conducted business.  They set themselves to undertake a major decision within their ranks: the replacement of Judas.  Again, as we wait on the Lord to guide us through this life, we are not inactive, just as while the farmer patiently waits for the rain he is still actively tending his fields.  We wait patiently on the Lord to return, but until then we preach the gospel and seek to advance His kingdom.  Our waiting is active, not idle.


The early believers had just seen their Lord rise from the dead and spend forty days with them.  His last words send them to Jerusalem to “wait.”  This waiting was foundational to everything that follows in the book of Acts.  They are to be His witnesses.  In order to be effective witnesses, they needed power from on high.  So they wait for this power.  While they do, they are not passive.  They seek the Lord in prayer, open His Word together, and conduct business.  Idleness did not mark them.


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