Mark Driscoll Book on Marriage and Recommended Alternatives

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Uncategorized

I have read two reviews of the new book on marriage by Mark Driscoll today.  Neither has left me with a desire to purchase and read the book (although before stating any specific issues I may have with Driscoll, or the book, I must read it first).  I have limited money to spend on books as it is.  To purchase a book that has been reviewed in the ways that both Dr. Burk and Tim Challies have done, well, there are other books that I already own, have read, and would happily endorse.

I encourage you, if you do buy the book, to read these two reviews. 

Dr. Denny Burk–Associate Professor of Biblical Studies, Boyce Bible College.  His review can be read here.

Tim Challies–Pastor of Grace Fellowship Church in Canada, blogger, and Co-Founder of Cruciform Press.  Read his review here.

I thought it would be helpful simply to list books on marriage and relationships that may be helpful to you as you seek to honor Jesus in your dating and marriage.  Any of these books can be found easily on the internet, therefore, I will not take the time to provide links for each.

–This Momentary Marriage by John Piper

–Sacred Marriage by Gary Thomas

–The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller

–What Did You Expect by Paul Tripp

–Relationships:  A Mess Worth Making by Tim Lane and Paul Tripp

–The Complete Husband by Lou Priolo

–The Exmplary Husband by Stuart Scott

–When Boy Meets Girl by Joshua Harris

As always, I pray that these books are helpful, but always secondary.  The first book we must read and search to learn how to live in the context of dating, marriage, and any other relationship is the Bible.  May God’s Word be our ultimate guide in all things.



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