The Future of Religious Liberty–Two Helpful Links

Posted: February 13, 2012 in Uncategorized

The political firestorm that has erupted over the recent policy agenda of President Obama is something Christians, and American’s in general, should not skim over.  These will become increasingly important issues as the days and months march on.  The time for civil disobedience may be much closer than we suspect.  Catholics have stated that they will not bow to the proposed policies of this administration.  The Bishop of Marquette stated the matter like this:  “We cannot — we will not — comply with this unjust law” (taken from  Evangelicals have stated their readiness to stand for the faith in the face of political pressure.  The tension in the air is palpable. 

As Christians, we are called to love God and obey Him above all things.  The call to civil obedience is never stated in the Scripture in such a way that calls us to obey the State even when the  State calls us to sinful actions.  Children obey their parents only as far as parents are not calling them to sinful actions.  Citizens obey the government (Romans 13) only as far as the government does not call for disobedience to God (Acts 5:29).  So, the only question is, does the proposed healthcare policies call for Christians to violate a clear command of God, and thus sin.  If so, then disobedience is the only faithful response of the follower of Christ.

Now, the issues are complex.  I, for one, am going to be watching more intellectually and politically astute Christians as I seek to navigate these waters.  I hope you do the same.  I pray we read our Bibles, pray without ceasing, and pay attention to those whom God has gifted with great Christian minds as we seek to faithfully live out the gospel.

Here are two links that will help you in the days ahead:


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