Connection Points

Posted: August 19, 2013 in Uncategorized

ConnectionEvery so often I want to offer several links that are meant to connect the reader to other stories, websites, etc., that I think are worth mentioning.  I have found this type of posting to be helpful as several other bloggers offer similar blog posts on their sites.





I have found this website to be helpful when seeking to answer various apologetic questions.  The resources that are devoted to other religious traditions are particularly helpful.  I utilized this site often when I first became a believer and have recently returned to reference resources on Hinduism and Buddhism.  In an age when Christians are often less than thoughtful, this is a welcome website and resource.


Reformed Theological Seminary names Ligon Duncan as Chancellor–Duncan is truly a pastor-theologian. He is part of the T4G group and has demonstrated a tremendous theological mind, genuine humility, and pastoral wisdom.


As the season is winding down, Dale Jr. is still in the hunt for the Cup!

Andy Naselli

Dr. Naselli has joined the Bethlehem College and Seminary faculty and is gearing up for his first semester teaching at BCS.  We are excited about his presence at the seminary and at Bethlehem Baptist Church (his family joined this Sunday).

New Book from Dr. DeRouchie

Dr. Jason DeRouchie is Professor of Old Testament at Bethlehem College and Seminary.  After having him for two semesters and walking through the entire OT under him, and now serving as his teaching assistant, I am thrilled to see this work he has put together fall into the hands of Christians across the world.


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