Connection Points

Posted: August 27, 2013 in Uncategorized

ConnectionBelow are several things that are worth checking out. Hopefully following the links connect you to some helpful material.

1. The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary is going to offer a D.Min in Biblical Theology.  Dr. Jim Hamilton recently tweeted about this and according to a source that has been in touch with Dr. Hamilton, information should be up at very soon.

2. Pastor Saeed Abedini has been denied appeal by the Iranian courts. This brother in Christ is being persecuted for his faith in Jesus. Those who know their Bibles will know that Jesus promised us that these things would happen. Though we should not be surprised, we still weep for our brother and his family.  Yet, we do not weep without hope.  One day our Lord will descend and set all things right.

3. D.A. Carson and Douglas Moo have an updated and expanded Introduction to the New Testament.  Though this has been on the shelves for awhile (2005), I have just began to read it.  The opening section on Thinking About The Study of the New Testament,” serves as a condensed survey of the history of NT interpretation.  Towards the end (ch. 26), Carson and Moo offer a helpful section on understanding how the NT was formed.

4. Although Russell Moore has moved on from Southern Seminary, his blog is still going strong.  I am glad to see Dr. Moore still writing and am happy to draw attention to his blog.

5. In light of our BCS Eldership class beginning today with David Mathis, I thought I would post the paper I wrote defending a plural elder form of church governance. This paper was written as an undergraduate student and hopefully will one day be strengthened with revisions (it needs help!) and additions as I grow in my understanding of church polity.  Read it here: Research Paper

6. At Bristol, Dale Jr. finished in the top 10 once again.  His hopes for the Chase are still alive as he is ranked 7th overall.

There you have it.  Follow the links and be more connected.


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