Connection Points

Posted: September 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

ConnectionBelow are some things that are worth looking at.

1. Writing a Thesis Statement: The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary has a writing center that seeks to help theology students be better theology writers. Jim Hamilton has posted a video on researching and preparing a thesis statement and it’s worth checking out.

2. Syria and Just War: Dr. Russell Moore says that the criteria for ‘just war’ has not been met. You can read his thoughts and see if you agree. Also, J. Daryl Charles wrote a book some years ago that I found helpful in considering this issue. The book is Between Pacifism and Jihad.

3. Football and Christians: Dr. Owen Strachan has written a provocative article about how Christians should think about engaging in the sport of football…or even watching it. I have been flirting with the ideas he presents for a few years but am hesitant to say I agree with him (I like to watch football!).  Update: Dr. Strachan has followed up to his initial post HERE.

4. CrossCon: Another Christian conference is emerging. This one has some heavy hitters scheduled to speak.

5.  Counseling and Discipleship: In light of recent readings and conversations about the nature of Christian counseling and its relationship to discipleship, I found this article/interview refreshing and helpful.

Now you are connected.


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