Connection Points

Posted: September 20, 2013 in Uncategorized

ConnectionHere are some things that will keep you connected to what is going on around (part of ) the world.

1. Does the New Testament prescribe a certain polity for churches?–Bobby Jamieson argues that it does. His article at 9Marks (be warned, it is a long one!) lays out a exegetical and theological case for seeing plural-elder led congregationalism as prescribed. This is provocative and worth reading.

2. Chaplains and the US Military–Is there a crisis looming? Dr. Albert Mohler says there is and that Southern Baptist Chaplains will not be able to remain in service much longer. The AP has picked up the story from Mohler and will no doubt result in plenty of fan mail to Dr. Mohler!

3. Called to Ministry?–Edmund Clowney wrote a book on this issue. After discussing this issue in our eldership class this week, it would seem that more need to think deeply about calling.

4. Kirk Cameron and the Problem of Evil–Dr. Denny Burk links to the news report on his blog. The movie and the discussion that follows will be interesting.

5. Henry Blackaby is Missing!–This isn’t a joke. Dr. Blackaby was reported missing by family members and the last time I checked the news, he had not been found. I remember my first discipleship course in a local church was Experiencing God by Blackaby. I still remember sitting in that class and falling in love with the study of the Bible and our great God. I pray that Dr. Blackaby is safe. UPDATE: Dr. Blackaby has been found and seems to be o.k.


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