Should You Watch The Walking Dead or…?–Owen Strachan Offers Thoughts

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Uncategorized

This is a helpful post from Dr. Strachan. I am increasingly finding myself drawn to the writings of Strachan because he isn’t afraid to ask hard questions, state his convictions, and engage in debate. He does not lack Christian courage and conviction. Thanks, Owen, for always pushing us to think!

Strachan writes,

This is important stuff that impinges on everyday life. Should you watch, for example, The Walking Dead? Or Mad Men? Or Game of Thrones? Should you listen to Kanye West? This is a broad discussion. Let that be said. I want to build off of my review [a reference to a Christianity Today article] and give you seven quick principles that I think might help us culture-loving Christians think about what to watch (or engage) and what not to watch. (I couldn’t do this in the review, though as you can see I did begin the conversation that follows in it.)”

Read the rest HERE.


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