The Logo of Bethlehem College and Seminary

Posted: November 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

BCSLogoI like the logo of Bethlehem College and Seminary. Yet, I have wondered what stood behind the design in terms of theology. Follow the link below to learn about how even the logo of BCS is meant to convey the centrality and supremacy of King Jesus.


From the article:

“At BCS, we strive to see God in Christ in every sphere of life so that we can treasure him above all things, and we try to do this in both the seminary and the college programs. We want to see Christ in all of Scripture, both New and Old Testaments, to see him in the history of the Church, to see him in the thoughts of great theologians and the music of the tradition. We also want to see Christ in all of the created order, in the heavens above, the rocks beneath, and in all the critters and events that live in between. Because He is there.

Now: if you had to draw that in one simple picture, how would you do it?

As Bethlehem College and Seminary’s resident graphic designer, I have been tasked with doing just that. Step by step we have chosen colors, typefaces, created a wordmark, and an institutional seal. Now, I am happy to introduce to you BCS’s logomark:

Even though art is not to be pedantically explained and limited by one person’s view of it, we thought it would be helpful to lay out a few of the design concepts that stand behind and have produced this mark.”

Read the rest here.


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