DeRouchie and a Festschrift for Daniel Block

Posted: November 22, 2013 in Uncategorized

Dr. Jason DeRouchie of Bethlehem College and Seminary has co-edited a recent festschrift in honor of his doctoral father, Dr. Daniel Block. The book is a collection of essays that deal with particular issues the study of Deuteronomy. Below I have linked part of a post put together by DeRouchie on his website. I commend that post to you as you can see the chapters and contributors to the book.


With a title adapted from Deuteronomy 6:24, For Our Good Always is a collection of twenty-five essays from evangelical scholars on the message of Deuteronomy and its influence on Christian Scripture. No other book colors the tapestry of biblical thought quite like Deuteronomy. It synthesized the theology of the Pentateuch, provided Israel with a constitution for guiding their covenant relationship with Yahweh in the promised land, and served as a primary lens through which later biblical authors interpreted Israel’s covenant history. Recent advances in scholarship on Deuteronomy and developments in biblical interpretation are raising fresh questions and opening new paths for exploration. This collection of studies wrestles with Deuteronomy from historical, literary, theological, and canonical perspectives and offers new questions, presents original discoveries, and makes innovative proposals. Most of the essays are targeted toward scholars or seminary students who have a working knowledge of Hebrew. Some essays, however, are readable by all students of the Word, including DeRouchie’s second contribution titled “Making the Ten Count: Reflections on the Lasting Message of the Decalogue.”

Read the rest HERE.


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