Reformed Rap

Posted: November 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Styles of music have had the tendency to create division within the rank of the Church over the years. This is unfortunate as the Bible doesn’t seem to mandate any certain form when it comes to music. The Church is multi-ethnic and multi-cultural and will thus contain various forms of music. To say that one form of music is more godly than another is to state something that I don’t think can be supported biblically.

Recently there was a panel discussion that lamented the use of rap to communicate the gospel and to worship God. Although holding to the position that rap is out of bounds is not necessarily something to get in a fuss over, the way in which the panel addressed the issue is certainly worth getting upset about. I’m thankful for those who have responded to the panel discussion with tact and conviction and will link the most helpful responses below.

Although I personally do not listen to much rap (Christian or not), I am certainly thankful that God is using this musical style and these musicians to promote the gospel, edify the saints, and glorify his name. May the tribe of Reformed Rappers increase!

1. Brent Hobbs Responds (the panel is also present for your viewing on his site).

2. Owen Strachan Responds

3. Paige Patterson Responds

4. Mike Cosper Responds

I would think that the men who participated would respond at some point. Hopefully, they will acknowledge the wrong-headedness of their views, apologize for the slander, and move ahead more faithfully.
NOTE: I am surprised that Joel Beeke was on that panel! I have benefited from his work on Puritan theology but am disappointed that he spoke on this panel in the manner he did. Though I will continue to read and learn about puritanism from Dr. Beeke, I will be cautious when reading him on anything regarding cultural engagement or worship.


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