Greek Grammar and The Great Commission: Understanding the Command To Go

Posted: February 18, 2014 in Uncategorized

GreekTextI have heard more than one reference to the Greek text of Matthew 28:19-20  in order to show that there is no command to “go” but only to “make disciples.” According to some, the text actually says “as you are going…make disciples.” The reason some say this is because “Go” is not an imperative in the Greek while “make disciples” is an imperative. Now, technically this is correct. The word “Go” is a translation of a participle (πορευθέντες), not an imperative. However, given the right context and the right participial form, the participle can and often does carry imperatival force. That is the case in the Great Commission text. Matthew uses the Greek grammar to give the command to go and the command to make disciples of all nations.

Dan Wallace, a renown Greek scholar, has written a fantastic article to make this point explicit. I commend his post to you.

The Great Commission or the Great Suggestion–by Dan Wallace


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