Connection Points

Posted: February 22, 2014 in Uncategorized

ConnectionIt’s has been some time since I have had the chance to listen to or read random stuff. Yet, this Saturday morning I took some time to read an article linked by Dr. Denny Burk and listen to some of a lecture that was linked by Dr. Brian Tabb. The lecture that is linked below is long, so if you have an extra hour to spare and want to listen to a British scholar (the accent is worth it) talk about the reliability of the Gospels, then click on the Dr. Peter William link. If you have five minutes to spare, then click on the Denny Burk link. These are good ways to spend either five or sixty minutes.

One more note, Peter Williams does a fantastic job of presenting the evidence of the reliability of the Gospels in a way that holds your attention. Many times lectures like this are dry and boring, but Williams delivers the content in an exciting way.

1. Dr. Peter Williams on the Reliability of the Gospels

2. Denny Burk Links to an Article About Brian Mclaren, Rob Bell, and Don Miller


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