Romans 10:4—Christ and the End of the Law

Posted: May 11, 2014 in Uncategorized

Romans 10:4 is a controversial text. There are a number of interpretations that make sense, that seem persuasive, and seemingly untangle the issues. Yet, in all the attempts to interpret the verse, Tom Schreiner has given what I think is the most helpful explanation. What follows are his thoughts on Rom 10:4 as found in his commentary on Romans.


“Paul does not make a global statement on the relationship between gospel and law here. Instead, his point is an experiential one. “Christ is the end of using the law for righteousness for everyone who believes.” He responds to the specific error of the Jews articulated in verse 3: they used the law to establish their own righteousness. He observes that those who trust in Christ cease using the law to establish their own righteousness” (Schreiner, Romans, 547).

Though quality scholars take Romans 10:4 differently, the way Schreiner is tethered to the context of Paul’s argument, at least in my mind, elevates the validity of his explanation. For those who do not seek to establish their own righteousness, and simply believe in Jesus, then in that sense Jesus is the end of the law.


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