Evil and Suffering is Conquered by Evil and Suffering

Posted: September 19, 2014 in Uncategorized


Dr. Rick Shenk is adjunct professor of theology at Bethlehem College and Seminary.  He is also the pastor of Village Church in Minnesota. He has written an excellent book that traces the historical development of the problem of evil while offering his own theodicy. The subtitle of the work is represented in the title of the post. Dr. Shenk shows that through evil and suffering, evil and suffering are dealt the death blow.

I highly recommend the book to those who want to slowly read an in-depth treatment of this issue. For those who have never read on this subject, it is likely not the place to start. However, if you are familiar with some of the issues surrounding the theological subject, the book will prove useful. The outline of book is as follows:

Part I: The Tension of Theodicy

1. The Historical Development of the Concept of Free-Will

2. The Historical Development of the Concept of Evil

3. Free-Will and Evil: The Historical Development of  Theodicy

Part II: The Testing of a Theodicy

4. Hypothesis 1: Conforming-Freedom is the ultimate and singular human freedom required by God’s character and goals for his people.

5. Hypothesis 2: Evil & Suffering is a subordinate-metaphysical necessity, being both the intrinsic problem and  the instrumental solution in God’s economy.

6. Hypothesis 3: Conforming-Freedom is achieved by God for his people through Evil & Suffering over four Eras of Freedom which are divided by three Creation & Crisis events.

Part III: A Theodicy in the Face of Reality

7. Practical Theology: Applying the Thesis

8. Remaining Issues and Disconfimatory Evidence

The book can be found here.


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