Robert Plummer and a Daily Dose of Greek

Posted: September 20, 2014 in Uncategorized

It is a sad reality that seminary students often take Greek and Hebrew and never actually use the languages. More often than not, a student will take the required two semesters of Greek and two semesters of Hebrew (not all seminaries have the same requirements) and never progress past memorizing paradigms and basic translation. In my experience, you cannot see the fruit of the languages until you have moved past the elementary levels. A third, fourth, and even fifth class that forces the student to use the languages in translating and interpreting a text should be, in my opinion, required before one graduates with an M.Div. Thankfully, at Bethlehem College & Seminary, this type of work is required in both Greek and Hebrew.

In an effort to help students retain and use the languages in exegesis, Dr. Plummer of SBTS has started a website that will give a student a “daily dose of Greek.” The website has three main functions:

1. Learn Greek from scratch.

2. Daily offer a 2-minute video of Dr. Plummer walking through a Greek verse.

3. Link to other language resources that will helps students in the area of Greek.

Visit the website and take advantage of this free resource!

Note: I do not believe that someone needs to walk away from seminary being an expert in the languages. I do not believe that someone needs to have the ability to open their Greek or Hebrew text to any passage and read/translate off the cuff. I do, however, believe that students should know how to use the resources at their disposal to translate, do a sentence diagram, and move to an exegetical and then homiletical outline.


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