Christianity and the Mind

Posted: October 7, 2014 in Uncategorized

This morning I was struck yet again by how the Bible does not leave room for anti-intellectualism. We are not called to turn our minds off once we become Christians. We do not believe something just because our parents or grandparents believed it. The Bible calls us to think, and to think deeply. And there is much to think about.

Consider the call to think in Proverbs 1 and 2:

  • “know wisdom and instruction” (1:2)
  • “understand words of insight” (1:3)
  • “understand a proverb and a saying” (1:6)
  • “Hear [our] father’s instruction and forsake not [our] mother’s teaching” (1:8)
  •  remember that “fools hate knowledge” (1:22)
  • “treasure up my commandments (2:1)
  • “making [our] ear attentive to wisdom (2:2)
  • “inclining [our] heart to understanding” (2:2)
  • “call out for insight” (2:3)
  • “raise your voice for understanding…seek it like silver, search for it as for hidden treasures” (2:3–4).

In the first two chapters of Proverbs the need to think is readily apparent. Christians should be thinkers. We should use the mind that God gave us. And the focus of our thinking, at one level, is to know God and enjoy God better and more than we know and enjoy anything else.


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