Instilling a Biblical Worldview in Your Children

Posted: October 8, 2014 in Uncategorized

Parenting is hard work. And it is hard work that never takes a break. As a Christian parent one thing that I am constantly thinking about is helping instill a view of the world (a worldview) that is thoroughly Bible-saturated. Knowing how to do that is often a challenge. Thankfully, there are others that offer help.

Sam Crabtree, my boss and mentor at Bethlehem Baptist Church, lists eleven ways to instill a Christian worldview in our kids. He takes these eleven from Eleven Ways to Instill a Biblical Worldview in Your Kids by Linda Weddle. The list is provided below:

  1. Pray for them, pray with them.
  2. Show respect for the authority of God.
  3. Show them how to be students of the Bible.
  4. Teach during the teachable moments.
  5. Explain [and demonstrate] that the Bible is alive and relevant.
  6. Encourage good friendships.
  7. Be an example of someone who is not afraid to stand firm.
  8. Answer the hard questions.
  9. Introduce them to others who have strong faith.
  10. Serve together.
  11. Develop a global awareness.

Do you have anything you would add or takeaway?


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