Training Leaders International

Posted: November 21, 2014 in Uncategorized

In January of next year I have the chance to travel to Myanmar and teach local pastors and future leaders. The opportunity is exciting as the Lord is providing me with a chance to put what I have been learning to use in a different culture. I am busy crafting a support letter that I plan to post here in order to gain the widest possible reading. In this post I want to introduce you to Training Leaders International.


Training Leaders International exists to:

  • Send pastors, professors and graduate students for the equipping and training of church leaders around the world
  • Serve as a sending agency for those interested in teaching overseas
  • Start schools in the places where formal theological education is lacking


Training Leaders International seeks to meet the growing need for theological training overseas. With the rapid expansion of Christianity in the Southern and Eastern Hemispheres, coupled with the challenges many Christians face worldwide, the church lacks well-trained teachers where they are needed the most.

Training Leaders International intends to play a unique role in addressing this problem. We seek out pastors, seminary professors and future evangelical scholars who are training to receive their Master of Divinity, Master of Theology or Doctorate. Those who are chosen are mentored and sent to different locations around the world to teach in settings where there is a need for theological education. It is our hope that they will be significantly used by God to strengthen national churches, leaders and missionaries through faithful and culturally relevant teaching of God’s Word.

Credentialed leaders mentor these teachers, helping them with their lessons and their mindset as they minister in a cross-cultural context. Every trip is done at the request of, in cooperation with, and in submission to local national leaders, theological institutions and churches.

Out of these short-term trips have come long-term commitments. Training Leaders International also serves as a sending agency for those interested in teaching overseas. This could be in a formal or informal education setting. Those we send are taken through a process to help prepare them for teaching in a different culture and are cared for by mentors in the US and abroad.

The commitment to theological education has led Training Leaders International to start formal theological schools in conjunction with local leaders.

Read more about them here:


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